70W Loud Bluetooth Speaker Wireless, W-KING Outdoor Portable Speaker Bluetooth Waterproof with Lights, IPX6/Heavy Bass/Stereo Pairing, Party Bluetooth Speakers Hifi Mic Slot/42H Play/Power Bank/TF/AUX


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  • 【70W RMS 90W PEAK】 Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge audio with the D10 portable Bluetooth speaker. The speakers Bluetooth wireless boasts a formidable 70W RMS (90W PEAK) central to its auditory prowess are the dual 35W subwoofers orchestrating a low-frequency regimen that permeates spatial dimensions with seismic resonance to resonate deep within your chest while dual 10W tweeters uphold the mantle of high-frequency precision diffusing intricate sonic subtleties with remarkable fidelity
  • 【DSP & BASS UP】 D10 Bluetooth speaker loud features a DSP chip a sentinel of distortion-free audio perfection. Its computational prowess is harnessed to wield a surgical precision that eradicates distortion with unwavering determination thereby Bluetooth speaker wireless unveils a pristine purity Hi-Fi realm. The dual large passive radiators transform sound into a tactile experience. Like a heartbeat radiators augment resonant air movements that add a palpable layer to the BASS sonic journey.
  • 【140W ULTRA-STEREO & EQ MODE】 Easy pairing of 2 D10 Bluetooth speakers to create a prodigious 140W ultra-stereo resonance swiftly engulfs auditory faculties where the left and right channels coalesce into a symphonic convergence ushering in an auditory landscape that transcends mere sound captivating your senses with an immersive embrace. The outdoor party Bluetooth speaker wireless has the EQ button to finely calibrate your audio signal achieving the benefits of your auditory preferences.
  • 【RGB LIGHTS & KARAOKE FUNCTION】Taking D10 portable speaker to embark on the delightful journey as the dynamic 7-color LED light synchronizes with the rhythmic cadence of musical beats. This visual spectacle forges an immersive aura that magnificently enhances any celebratory ambiance. The Bluetooth speaker loud is equipped with a dedicated microphone jack (0.25′) this auditory marvel stands poised to accommodate the fervent vocal aspirations of the karaoke enthusiast (dynamic microphone only)
  • 【IPX6 WATERPROOF & 42H PLAYBACK & POWER BANK】The outdoor Bluetooth speaker wireless achieves an IPX6 waterproof rendering them impervious to the challenges of outdoor environments. D10 loud Bluetooth party speaker has a robust battery system designed to sustain an astounding 42H playback (minimum volume). The outdoor speaker assumes the power bank to harness its substantial internal reserves to recharge your array of smart devices sparing you from the inconvenience of missed communications